For 25 years we have been helping people improve their scrubber performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs and meet emissions control requirements. 

Call us and realize what your scrubber was designed to do.

Our project experience covers every aspect of Wet-scrubbers from routine annual inspections, evaluations, and equipment life assessments to performance upgrades and improvements to lower operating costs.

Onsite Scrubber Evaluations

Scrubber Atmospherics' signature Scrubber Evaluation will provide you with all the information needed to make decisions on maintenance, operating changes or equipment improvements. Onsite we will inspect every aspect of your scrubber system from the quench to the stack and all stages in between. We assess nozzles, spray patterns, wear items and all aspects affecting performance and equipment life. We evaluate stack test results, emissions requirements and process conditions. We tailor our Scrubber Evaluation to your specific equipment and needs. We deliver a comprehensive report covering all findings, recommendations and estimates any related project costs.  

Particulate Scrubber Upgrade Projects: 

We specialize in wet scrubber efficiency improvements to cost effectively reduce emissions. 

Relatively minor improvements to a wet scrubber system can achieve compliance and avoid the high capital cost of replacement with a new scrubber or ESP. 

Quench Replacement Projects: 

Proper quench operation can be the difference between a well operated scrubber and a piece of problem equipment.

The inspection during our scrubber assessment can determine if a quench needs an overhaul or only minor maintenance to get back to design performance. 

Multiple Mini-Venturis can be extremely efficient in removing acids, metals, chemicals and can rival ESP's in particulate removal efficiency. 

However, their high efficiency is dependent on fine control over process conditions. We have experience with all makes of Mini-Venturis.  Our scrubber evaluation will identify operating and equipment problems and implement fixes or recommend further action.

Packed Bed or Perforated Tray Scrubbers are relatively low maintenance stages of a scrubber system, but malfunctions can go unnoticed by operators. 

The poorly functioning system can lead to elevated emissions, damage to downstream equipment and increased maintenance costs.

Regular scrubber inspections can identify operating issues before they become wider problems.

Industries Served

Scrubber Atmospherics LLC serves virtually all industries that employ wet scrubbers.

Our most commonly served are:

  Pulp and Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Power, Cement, Wood Products, Bio-mass boilers, Metals, Chemicals, and Waste Incineration.

Scrubber Applications 

Power, Bio-mass, Recovery Boilers, Lime Kilns, Vent Scrubbers, Green liquor, Sludge incineration, Metals Smelters, SAM (Sulphuric Acid Mist), NCG, Particulate, Acid Gas, Ammonia, Chemical and Process Gas scrubbers.

Lime Kiln Scrubber

Dissolving Tank Vent Scrubber

Process Quench

Bio-Mass Particulate Scrubber

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